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Creativity and inspiration are essential elements to a career in design. The International Career Institute’s range of design courses provide opportunities to specialize in and gain vital skills for the following professions:

Creativity can be cultivated and enhanced so a career in design can be a fit for just about anybody if you put in the effort to achieve your goals. The design industry offers wide and expansive opportunities for those who dare to dream and share their inspired artistry. You can become a fashion designer, jewellery and accessories designer, florist, photographer, web designer, interior designer, landscape architect and the list goes on and on. Many employment and self employment opportunities exist in this field regardless of your location.

If you are willing to learn the ropes and get inspired by the things and people that surround you, then you can forge a career in design. Whatever it is that you decide to focus your creativity into it is extremely beneficial to take a course and undergo training to help you get started or assist in your growth.

International Career Institute design courses are online courses that can be taken at your own pace from any location.